Vocal Music Concert

Middle School Vocal music students will present a Winter Concert on Thursday, December 14 at 10:30 am in the Little Theater. Parents and families are encouraged to attend!  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get a seat.  Parent and family seating is near the front.  Please come and hear the beautiful voices of your children!  This concert is sponsored by Lowrey PTA.



Battle for Hunger Results

Lowrey School was able to raise $360 and about 1822 food items. So total food items Lowrey was able to donate was about 3,262. Great Job Polar Bears.

The Results are in:

Edsel Ford feeders, 28,691 food items donated

Dearborn High Schoool  feeders, 26,338 food items donated

Fordson High School feeders, 19,271 food items donated

Congratulations to all DPS students, staff, and administrators who were involved in such an amazing initiative!



Battle Against Hunger #TEAMFORDSON

We are joining Fordson in the Battle Against Hunger this year. This competition is between our 3 high schools. Since our students feed into Fordson we are #TEAMFORDSON! Please bring in at least 5 food items that can be donated to the less fortunate in our community. We accept any cans, boxes or bagged food that has not been opened. If you prefer to send in $5.00 or any amount we will purchase the items for you.  Please do not send any perishable items or items that are expired. The last day to bring items will be this Friday, November 17th.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 11/13/2017 and Tuesday 11/14/2017 from 3:05 to 6:05.  Report cards will be handed out at the Polar Bear Lobby.  Students must be accompanied by a parent to receive their report cards.
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