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Fundraiser to Benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

It’s time for our yearly fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society . This is our 4th year participating in “Pasta for Pennies” program, a friendly competition between A2 classes. As you all know, we kicked this off with an assembly on March 8. Our speakers, former Lowrey students, Enas and Madina spoke to 7th and 8th graders about their experiences with Hodgkin’s disease . It was an educational and emotional assembly that got the attention of all students and drew tears from some.

Click here to watch the half hour presentation: assembly Streaming

Click here to watch or download the Keynote Speaker, Enas: Enas

Lowrey Classroom Activities

Language Arts

-Students will be reading a short story and focusing on the theme “Respect”.  There level of comprehension will be demonstrated through multiple small projects such as:  1) short skits; 2) power point presentations; 3) story boards; and 4) writing letters.

-6th grade students writing an essay reflecting on bullying; this will be a PROBLEM/ SOLUTION essay.

-7th grade students will be focusing on Argumentative/ Persuasive essays while learning multiple reading strategies such as using direct quotes, paraphrasing, and citation.

-My class is focusing on incorporating VOICE into their writing and adding descriptive words to convince and persuade the audience to buy their product—(The World’s Greatest Product)



-7th grade has been focusing on sound waves.  Flip charts have been created to illustrate and describe the vocabulary terms

-8th graders have been introduced to the rock cycle and three types of rock that are found in crust.  Foldables are being created to organize the three types of rocks, and processes they transform through.

-6th graders are learning about potential and kinetic energy.  We designed and created balloon powered cars and raced them down the hallway.  We are now writing an 6+1 Trait essay describing how to make a balloon powered car, how to get it to run, and explaining what could go wrong with the car.


Social Studies

-This month my 6th graders started a new theme in our Early Migration Unit. We will be reading and discussing the Early Hunter-Gatherer Societies Article and work on a vocabulary activity with words such as hunter-gatherer societies, Stone Age, hominids, nomads, stone-tipped spears and more.

Parent Reminders

The office staff has been directed not to interrupt classes
for items brought in for students. It is the responsibility of
the student to pick up their items from the office.

The office cannot transfer telephone
calls to classrooms while school is in session. We will be
happy to take a message and forward it to your child’s

For the safety of your child, you MUST call
the office if your child is going to be absent from
school for any reason. You can call the
attendance line 24 hours at 313-827-1801 or the
main phone number is 313-827-1800.

If you plan to check out your child,
you must come in to sign him/her out from

The district has a new calling system for the
parents of Dearborn school students. The system
will call and inform you about your children’s
absences if they were not excused, it will also
call you about emergencies at the school or
school closings such as snow days, as well as
informing you about important events, vacations
and late arrival dates.


For the month of February, our middle school
students had a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention
& Support), end of the semester celebration. Those
students that were invited were the ones that had few
infractions and tardies on their cards the whole
semester. Our students did an outstanding job
adjusting to the PBIS program and they fully
embraced positive behavior. Way to go Lowrey
students! The new semester has begun and all of
the students were given new Focus and Tardy cards to
start over from a clean slate. Please speak to your
children and continue to remind them to always be
open, flexible, and positive towards any and all

Thank You, Mr. Saleh
Lowrey Middle School

Get Ready for “March is Reading Month”

Dear Families,

We would like to get you ready for our favorite month of the year, March. March is Reading Month! During this month we encourage you to make reading a daily part of your child’s life.  The role you play in the lives of your children is an essential component towards their success in school.

Research shows there is a direct correlation between oral language and achievement in literacy. Exposing your children to a diverse vocabulary at an early age promotes oral language development. A child’s vocabulary by age 3 is a strong indicator of how well a student will be able to read and comprehend in the future. This base will provide the foundation for children when they are ready to begin reading.  Regardless of the language spoken at home, communication through any language is important for building a child’s vocabulary level.

Here are some things you can do with your children at home in order to give them a strong foundation for success:

  • Read! Read! Read! Even if they are too young to read, simply point to, discuss and identify pictures.
  • Be sure to have PLENTY of books for your children at home. The local library has many titles available free of charge. This makes for a fun family outing.
  • Have your children independently read for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.
  • Have your child write in a journal daily, logging their reading.
  • Eliminate or control TV/Video game exposure during the week.
  • Reward your children on the weekends if they have met their weekly reading goals.

Thanks again for your support!

Box Tops for Education

PTA is collecting Box Tops on Tuesday, February 14

There will be a box in the office. Please make sure you put the Box Tops in a bag with your name on the bag.

Valentine Store

PTA is having a Valentine Store

February 13th and 14th 9:15 AM -3:15 PM

The PTA would like to thank these parents for their time and great volunteer work. Hopefully, we will see more parents joining the PTA and volunteering.

  • Nihad Abu Halawa
  • Amira Yousef
  • Cleoptra Isa
  • Hana Aljahmi
  • Ikram Habhab
  • Lorie Elitawi

PTA is having a Valentine Store

PTA is having a Valentine Store

February 13th and 14th 9:15 AM -3:15 PM

The PTA would like to thank these parents for their time and great volunteer work. Hopefully, we will see more parents joining the PTA and volunteering.

  • Nihad Abu Halawa
  • Amira Yousef
  • Cleoptra Isa
  • Hana Aljahmi
  • Ikram Habhab
  • Lorie Elitawi