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Students Report Bullying Behavior


Teachers Report Bullying Behavior


Free Antibullying Tool Kit for Teachers Now Available

Educators know that bullying affects classroom learning, but all too often they don’t receive training to help them stop bullying on the spot and prevent it from happening. That’s why the U.S. Department of Education has developed free training for classroom teachers that shares research-based best practices for addressing bullying. Read on for a brief description of the two-part training program and to access additional free bullying-prevention resources.

A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. – Washington, D.C. 20201

Bullying Scenarios for the Presentation to principals – expected date: August, 2012.

Lowrey Anti Bullying Pledge (short version) Pledge to Stop Bullying

Lowrey Anti Bullying Pledge LowreyMSpledge

Four Types of Bullying The 4 types of bullying

Types of Bullies Types of Bullies

Types of Bullying Types of Bullying

Try this in your class:

“A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper  and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up,  but not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they’re sorry. Now, even though they  said  they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they’re sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home.”

Here is a video that illustrates the effects of bullying – It is 3.5 minutes long. Use this to generate discussion about how it feels. (x out of the google ads and click on the lower right corner for full screen)

It Hurts:

President Obama’s anti bullying message.

This website presents a highly recommended interactive anti bullying program.Program that provides key information about bullying and cyber bullying, and explains how communities can create safe, healthy environments.These are some of the information presented:

This websites talks about bullying in middle school. It includes statistics about the number of students who are bullied on a regular basis.

This websites discusses cyberbullying, examples of cyberbullying and its effects. It also teaches students, parents and schools how to combat cyberbullying.

Bullying in the U.S. – Rates, Tips and Resources


USC Rossier School of Education’s Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans.

This resource talks about focusing on social-emotional wellness as a tool for combating bullying in and outside of the classroom. USC Rossier has developed this Bullying Prevention Unit, a collection of four lessons and classroom activities aimed to prevent and eliminate bullying in classrooms and school communities.

Pacer’s national Bullying Prevention Center

Great website with videos, stories and teaching materials for parents and teachers.

Another website that includes a definition of cyberbullying and what students, parents and schools can do to prevent cyberbullying.

This is an excellent websites that includes a number of short videos (webisodes) dealing with bullying. It defines bullying and outlines types of bullying and its negative effects on students. It also teachers students, parents and teachers how to deal with bullying.

The information is similar to what you can find in other websites dealing with bullying. Its main focus is the effect of bullying on children’s health.

Another article about bullying that comes with audio. Its main focus is the effect of bullying on teens’ health.

This website includes a video with the story of an Australian 15 year-old boy who finally stood up to his tormentors and became an international celebrity. An excellent video to show during A2. The first few seconds may send the wrong message to students. I would show the video as an introduction to a unit on bullying.

This website has a number of short YouTube videos dealing with gossiping, taunting, bullying and other forms of harassment that go on in school.[1].pdf

This website discusses bullying in middle school and what schools need to do.

This website blends PBIS and a bully prevention program designed for middle school.

This is a Canadian anti bullying program that comes with videos and lesson plans, activities and a variety of other materials that will help you in covering the five strands.

“Guide to Bullying Prevention “

Cyberbullying Handouts


some of these KID CREATED cartoons are pretty good. (some are terrible)

I think the kids might relate to some of them.

Great for Promethean as well. (Website suggested by Nathan Dobert).

Cyber Bullying video.

Cyber Bullying video.

Cyber Bullying video.

Cyber Bullying Power Point Presentation:

Cyber Bullying Tips for Students

Cyber Bullying: The Complete Resource  Guide


Cyberbullying prevention including guidance for victims:-


Types of Bullying:

Defining Roles & Responses

This website has answers to the following questions:

This website has a video in which students use role-playing scenarios to depict experiences with prejudice or name-calling and practice effective interventions to combat or stop the bullying or harassment. This process can be an effective tool to use with students in your own classroom and school. Use the guidelines and review the “Note of Caution” to ensure a positive and productive experience.

This is anti Bullying booklet titled: Preventing Classroom Bullying: What Teachers Can Do.

Face Bullying With Confidence: 8 Skills Kids Can Use Right Away

This website has answers to the following questions:

This website discusses a “toolkit to prevent bullying in children’s lives.” It is a comprehensive program that explains the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

This website offers students a guide to improve their chances of avoiding bullies. It also includes the following links:

TeachPeaceNow teacher-tested activities to address bullying

ree Presentations in PowerPoint format

What is bullying? 

Are you a bully? Take this test  

What is bullying and who are the bullies?

Bullies are Cowards 

Stop Bullying Now 

Bullying in the Classroom 



Introduction to Bullying (ppt plus other docs)


Sixth Grade Anti-Bullying Curriculum 

Bullying – Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders 

Take a stand against bullying (parent presentation) 


See Also: Diversity

For Kids

Bullying & Other Peer Pressure Games 

For Teachers

Out on a Limb (a guide to getting along, flash) conflict resolution

Cyber Bullying – It’s a crime

Bullying K12 

Bullying Prevention Resources

Project against Bullying



New Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullying – A Guide for Educators

Free Clipart

Free Templates


This website has several videos and other resources that will help us in covering the anti bullying strand.

This video discusses the different roles of the bystander in bullying.


This website has answers to the following questions:

Bit Strips | Stop Bullying Comic Challenge

This is an article in the New York Times about bullying.  It comes with so many links to other resources about combating bullying:,%202012,%203:36%20PM%20On%20Bullying:%20Resources%20and%20Que

Learning Network Resources

Lesson Plans and Other Teaching Materials:

Lesson | ‘A Troubling Trend’: Discussing Bullying and Anti-Gay Attitudes

Reader Idea | A Student-Driven Bullying Curriculum

Lesson | No Place for Bullies: Holding Anonymous Discussions to Reflect on Solutions

Lesson | Does Motivation Matter? Debating the Legal Category of Hate Crime

Lesson | Who’s Got the Power? Reflecting on Healthy and Abusive Relationship Dynamics

Lesson | Responding in Kind: Writing Essays About Choosing Kindness in the Face of Cruelty

Lesson | Many Reasons Why: Reflecting on Teen Depression

Lesson | Monkey See, Monkey Do: Considering the Social Ecosystems of Schools by Learning About a Baboon Troop

Lesson | Hall Monitors: Investigating Violence in Schools

Guest Post | 10 Ways to Talk to Students About Sensitive Issues in the News

Reading Club | Should Character Be Taught? Students Weigh In

Teaching Resources Series | Adolescent Health

Q. and A. | How Facebook Use Correlates With Student Outcomes

Student Opinion Questions:
All of the following questions are still open to student comment:

Should the R Rating for ‘Bully’ Be Changed?

Can Kindness Become Cool?

How Should Schools Address Bullying?

What Should the Punishment Be for Acts of Cyberbullying?

What Can Be Done to Stop Bullying?

How Do You Use Facebook?

How Much Do You Gossip?

Who Has the Power in School Social Life?

Are You Popular, Quirky or Conformist?

Do You Unknowingly Submit to Peer Pressure?

Does Your Digital Life Have Side Effects?

Selected Recent New York Times Content:


Film Review: “Behind Every Harassed Child? A Whole Lot of Clueless Adults”

“Bullying Law Puts New Jersey Schools on Spot”

“In Suburb, Battle Goes Public on Bullying of Gay Students”

“Minnesota School District Reaches Agreement on Preventing Gay Bullying”

Motherlode: “What Works to End Bullying?”

Motherlode: “How Do We Define Bullying?”

“Accusations of Bullying After Death of Staten Island Teenager”

SchoolBook: “Bullying Changes a School, One Child at a Time”

Well: “Talking About the It Gets Better Project”

“Rutgers Verdict Repudiates Notion of Youth as Defense”

From the Opinion Pages:

Nicholas D. Kristof: “Born to Not Get Bullied”

Bill Keller: “Tyler and Trayvon”

Bill Keller: “Tyler and Trayvon, Continued …”

Charles M. Blow: “The Bleakness of the Bullied”

Op-Ed: “Bullying as True Drama”

Op-Ed: “Make the Punishment Fit the Cyber-Crime”

Times Multimedia

Interactive | Coming Out: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Teenagers Talk About Their Lives

Slide Show | In Skidmore, Mo., a Killing Lingers

Other Resources on the Web

The Bully Documentary Project | Toolkit for Educators

The Bully Documentary Project | Share Your Bully Stories

U.S. Department of Education |

Bit Strips | Stop Bullying Comic Challenge

National Council of Teachers of English | Resolution on Confronting Bullying and Harassment

Medline Plus | Bullying

The It Gets Better Project | Bullying

National Crime Prevention Council | Bullying

Teaching Tolerance | Bullying


“Crime Prevention for Kids”

Cyberbullying Resources Online

“Cyberbullying: The Definitive Guide”


 A Guide To Workplace Bullying:

 The Definitive Guide to Internet Privacy & Online Security:


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