Battle Against Hunger #TEAMFORDSON

We are joining Fordson in the Battle Against Hunger this year. This competition is between our 3 high schools. Since our students feed into Fordson we are #TEAMFORDSON! Please bring in at least 5 food items that can be donated to the less fortunate in our community. We accept any cans, boxes or bagged food that has not been opened. If you prefer to send in $5.00 or any amount we will purchase the items for you.  Please do not send any perishable items or items that are expired. The last day to bring items will be this Friday, November 17th.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 11/13/2017 and Tuesday 11/14/2017 from 3:05 to 6:05.  Report cards will be handed out at the Polar Bear Lobby.  Students must be accompanied by a parent to receive their report cards.

Read at Home Plan for Lowrey School!

Read at Home Plan for Lowrey

  1. Reading book bags will go home daily
  2. Students must read books:
    1. K-1 (15+ minutes daily)
    2. 2-5 (30+ minutes daily)
  3. Students will complete a reading assignment daily
  4. Book Logs– Signed daily by parents
  5. Online reading websites through the District homepage (CLEVER)  and in our Monthly Newsletter
  6. Click on the Clever App and after logging in choose the myOn App and choose a book of your choice!

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3rd Grade Reading Legislation in Michigan

  • Signed by Governor Snyder on 10/6/16, is now Public Act 306 of 2016
  • Attempts to ensure that more students will achieve a score of at least proficient in ELA on the 3rd Grade state assessment
  • Requires implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) elements to ensure early intervention of at risk students.

Four Key Elements of MTSS Include:

  1. Provide reading instruction that meet the needs of the students in the classroom.
  2. Utilize assessments to screen, diagnose and progress monitor student growth at least three times a year using NWEA, DRA and WA
  3. For students identified as having reading delays, an individual reading intervention plan needs to be developed to layer on reading support and interventions. (IIP)
  4. Notify parents and provide support for reading at home. Parent/Teacher conferences, Parent compact, and 2 or more year contract.
  • Legislates a process to retain students that fail to read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

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NOTICE: School Safety Zone Enforcement

Download the Signed School Zone Safety letter  to see fines and other traffic violations police will be enforcing.

Ensuring the safety of all students is a paramount objective of both the Dearborn Public Schools and the Dearborn Police Department. An area of common complaints and concern is traffic related issues in school zones during student drop off and pick up. Motorists often create unsafe conditions for students by blocking roadways, speeding, and improper parking. As in previous years, the Dearborn Police Department will be conducting directed traffic enforcement in the school zones.  Please be careful and obey all traffic laws.  This includes double parking, blocking driveways, failure to completely stop at a stop sign, failure to yield to a bus or pedestrians, disobey a school crossing guard, and other traffic infractions.

Please keep in mind:

  • The bus stop is for buses only
  • Walk children to school when possible
  • Drop off/pick up children a short distance away from school when possible.  This alleviates traffic congestion around our schools
  • Once your child is out of the car and safely on the sidewalk vacate the area to make room for other parents to drop off their children.
  • Be mindful of school staff and crossing guards.  They are there for your child’s safety.
  • Be a “Good Neighbor” by being mindful of residents who live near school zones.

Download the Signed School Zone Safety letter  to see fines and other traffic violations police will be enforcing.

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