Parent Meeting 2/14/2018

Today at Lowrey School we held another successful parent meeting! The PTA made an announcement to start off the meeting and following that we had Access presenters discuss the topic of Mental Health with our parents! It was a very successful meeting and we look forward to our upcoming meetings.



Parents sitting on our lunch tables in the lunch room watching the presentation.
Parent Meeting at Lowrey 2/14/2018

Great Job Lowrey Boys Basketball Team!


We would to congratulate our boys basketball team on advancing to the second round of the playoffs after their win against the Woodworth Hornets! We would also like the congratulate the Hornets on a great season and success in the future!

Our next game will be on Thursday 1/25/18 at the Bryant Eagles!



Lowrey School Peer Mediation

Lowrey School Elementary students came together for a well organized and interactive Peer Mediation training session facilitated by our School’s Social Worker,  Ms. Leslie Adadow. Students focused on the “Power of Words” during this session.


Lowrey Staff Holiday Luncheon

Lowrey School’s Social Committee held a wonderful Holiday Luncheon for Teachers & Staff on Monday 12/18/2017. It was a wonderful time to reflect on our first few months and enjoy some time together as a Lowrey family. Thank you Lowrey Staff and Teachers for all that you do at putting STUDENTS FIRST


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