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Lowrey School eNews gets a Make Over

-Greetings to our Lowrey School Family-

Welcome to the first post of the Lowrey School eNews Blog for the 2010-2011 school year.

We apologize for the delay in our eNews site. It is now up and running and stronger than ever. We are confident that we will be offering you a better, more comprehensive version of the Lowrey School eNews Blog. Please stay tuned and be sure to visit us often!

This year we are encouraging all parents to become more involved with school events and activities.

One great way to do so is to subscribe to the Lowrey School eNews Blog. Sign up is easy and only takes a second!

Simply click on the attached link, https://blog.dearbornschools.org/lowreynews/  enter your email address and click “Create Subscription”. Your registration will be immediately processed and you will start to receive updates as soon as they are posted. Interested parties can also register via the phone by contacting the school office at 313-827-1800.

Subscribers will receive important notices/reminders/events and activities happening throughout the year at Lowrey School.  Furthermore, users will also find valuable links, which include:

  • Lowrey School Calendar – click to view sporting event schedules, meetings, late arrival days/schedules, conferences, and other important events that parents, staff and students should be aware of.
  • Lowrey School Website – click to view school and administrator biographies, demographic data, teacher contact information, dTube videos, student photo galleries, and much more!
  • Lowrey School e-Newsletters – click to view on-line versions of monthly school newsletters sent home with students.
  • Monthly Lunch Menus – click to view Lowrey School lunch menus, second choice alternatives, etc to stay informed with the meals your child is receiving at school.
  • Current/Future Weather Forecasts – parents can plan for changing weather conditions to ensure that students are appropriately dressed for recess/travel to and from school, including school closings due to inclimate weather.
  • Parent Connect Link – Registered Parent users can click to log on to the Dearborn Public Schools Parent Connect site. Access allows users to view student homework assignments, grades, attendance, etc…
  • Student Connect Link – Students can click to log on to the Dearborn Public Schools Student Connect site. Access allows students to view their classroom assignments, class schedule, grades, etc…
  • World Book Link – Click to access this very useful on-line reference guide/library.
  • dTube – click to view the Dearborn Public Schools version of YouTube, which showcases videos from Lowrey School, as well as around the district. Check out this great library of all the wonderful events happening throught our learning community.

MEMBERS: Please refer this invaluable resource to other parents, staff and Dearborn Public School community members.

By working together, we continue to strengthen our learning community along our journey to excellence.

– The Lowrey School Administration-