Lowrey School

Get Ready for “March is Reading Month”

Dear Families,

We would like to get you ready for our favorite month of the year, March. March is Reading Month! During this month we encourage you to make reading a daily part of your child’s life.  The role you play in the lives of your children is an essential component towards their success in school.

Research shows there is a direct correlation between oral language and achievement in literacy. Exposing your children to a diverse vocabulary at an early age promotes oral language development. A child’s vocabulary by age 3 is a strong indicator of how well a student will be able to read and comprehend in the future. This base will provide the foundation for children when they are ready to begin reading.  Regardless of the language spoken at home, communication through any language is important for building a child’s vocabulary level.

Here are some things you can do with your children at home in order to give them a strong foundation for success:

  • Read! Read! Read! Even if they are too young to read, simply point to, discuss and identify pictures.
  • Be sure to have PLENTY of books for your children at home. The local library has many titles available free of charge. This makes for a fun family outing.
  • Have your children independently read for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.
  • Have your child write in a journal daily, logging their reading.
  • Eliminate or control TV/Video game exposure during the week.
  • Reward your children on the weekends if they have met their weekly reading goals.

Thanks again for your support!