Lowrey School

Memorial Day Parade



May 14, 2012



Dear Parents:

Your child’s 6th grade beginning band class is marching in Dearborn’s annual Memorial Day Parade. The Parade counts as a grade and all students are required to participate.  This is the first time in several years we have had enough students to participate.  It is an honor for Lowrey school!

The details of the parade are as follows:

Your child must be dropped off at Lowrey school at 9:15 a.m. on Monday, May 28.  Remember that there is no school that day except for students marching in the parade.  Students should report to school with their instrument and wearing the Red Lowrey Shirt (or red short sleeve shirt) , black pants, and tennis shoes. We will meet outside at the entrance near the small playground area   at the corner of Haggery and Bingham.

A school bus will transport all band students to the parade “staging area” at Michigan Avenue at Greenfield (Kroger parking lot).  The parade begins at 10:05 and travels east to Schaefer Avenue and then turns south for about 1 block.  The school bus picks the students up at the end of the parade and returns them to Lowrey where you can meet your child.

The clothing to be worn for our Lowrey students  MUST be a the Red Lowrey Shirt  and black pants with tennis shoes. 

Lowrey school is located on Haggerty, which is the traffic light between Warren and Ford Rd.  The school is approximately 3 blocks east of Haggerty and between Jonathon and Bingham streets.  Use the entrance next to the small playground area at the corner of Haggerty and Bingham.

If your child has a cell phone, it would be a good idea to let them have it for the parade so that they can phone you as they are traveling back to Lowrey after the parade.

Also, no hats are allowed to be worn during the parade. If it is a sunny day, I would also suggest your child wear a strong sun screen to avoid sunburn.


A permission slip for the parade will be following this letter shortly and must be returned to Band class the very next class day.


Participation in this parade is a great experience for your child and also an honor as we pay tribute to those men and women who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice to our country.  It is also a concert grade for our students .  Students who participate will be treated to a pizza party the following week!


Please make sure your child has eaten a healthy breakfast and had some water before they meet at school  Thank you for your attention to this matter.




Ms. Pegouske, Director

Lowrey Middle School Music


Please sign below and have your child return the bottom portion ONLY of this page so I know parents received this!