Lowrey School

Ms. Gantt-Covington

It is with great sadness that I have to share with you the loss of an amazing colleague and a dear friend Pam Gantt-Covington. If some of you did not have the opportunity to get to know Ms. Covington’s character, she truly was the epitome of integrity, commitment and loyalty.  Ms. Covington had a heart of gold and her presence always managed to lift the spirits of those around her.  She truly was a selfless individual that was here for all of us. She was a team player that was willing to do WHATEVER it takes. She refused to lower her expectations and genuinely believed that each and every child can and will achieve.  Throughout her career, and even near her retirement, she never complained and maintained her momentum with perseverance and a positive attitude.  Ms. Covington will be deeply missed and forever remembered.