Lowrey School

From the Desk of Mrs. Younis

Happy Holidays: We would like to wish everyone in our wonderful community a peaceful, warm, safe, and blessed holiday season. We hope that Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year will be a happy one for all of our parents and their children.

Congratulations to Lowrey Middle School for Being a “REWARD SCHOOL”, and “BEATING THE ODDS SCHOOL!”  Keep up the great work!

Lowrey and McDonald Students will “TEAM” together to develop new friendships and learn communication skills that will be useful throughout their lives. Ms. Adadow, our Social Worker facilitated the training . . .   our motto is “Anything can be solved through a conversation”!

Lowrey Middle School held a pep rally Friday, November 16, 2012 during 6th hour for our student/athletes. The Boys Football Team Coaches & players, and the Girls Basketball Team Coaches and Players were recognized and commended for their Fall 2012 season.