Lowrey School

Vocal Music Concert on Thursday, December 20 at 10:30am

The Music Connections students are presenting a vocal music concert on Thursday, December 20 at 10:30am.  Parents are invited to attend!  Please  arrive a few minutes early to get seats. We will begin on time. Seating is on main floor (first floor). Turn off cell phones before entering.

This is a formal concert .  At a concert like this, it is expected that the audience is quiet during the music, stays in the seats and claps at the end of the song.  Please no talking during the songs, no whistling or yelling. If you have a small child who is crying, please make sure to go in the hallway until the child is quiet again.  The students have worked very hard to present this concert .  We are looking forward to performing for you !

As I told all of my students, all  parents speak the language of love and are happy to see their children doing wonderful things!  Please come support your child.