Lowrey School

Academic Progress is Vital to Lifelong Success

Academic progress is vital to lifelong success.  It is imperative that students maintain adequate academic levels in all subject areas. If you have received an achievement letter/contract that your child is two or more years behind in reading and or math, we are requesting that you play your role at home, as it is an important part in bridging the gap and assisting your child reach his/her grade level in reading and math.  Below are some FREE and helpful websites that will help you and your child achieve this. If your child remains two or more years below grade level in reading or math on the end of the year assessment, he/she must complete a supplemental summer school program and additional summer work requirements.  Your child may be retained in his or her current grade next school year if he or she does not demonstrate at least one year’s academic growth or more by August 2013. I am hoping that by working hard together we will achieve in helping your child meet these requirements.



CLICK ON left tab under program/links on   Tumblebook Library


CLICK ON right hand side on slide titled “ready to try math”, create an a parent account, click on sign up highlighted in green. After you are done, click on sign in on the upper right, sign in as a parent, then click on add a child, create a pin number for child and sign them in to start their work.