Lowrey School

School of Choice Deadline

The deadline for the 2014-2015 School of Choice applications is February 1, 2014 for Middle School and May 1, 2014 for Elementary School.  You should fill out a school of Choice application only if you want your child/children to attend a school other than the school you live within its boundaries.

You may pick up an application from the student office and return the completed form to the student office no later than January 25 for Middle School; April 26 for Elementary School.  If you have a true hardship, you need to fill out a Boundary Exemption Form explaining your hardship and attach it to the School of Choice application.

All applications received before the above dates will be hand delivered to the Special Programs & Student Services office, 18700 Audette, Dearborn, MI  48124.  Any applicants who have not submitted the application by the deadline(s) will be required to contact the Student Services office and risk their having their applications denied.

-Rima Younes

January Newlsetter