Lowrey School

April Newsletter

Dear Lowrey Families:

As always we have so much to be proud of here at Lowrey School! During the Month of March we recognized and celebrated our love for READING!

In addition, we had several community members that volunteered their time to read with our students.  A big thank you to our parents for taking the time from their hectic schedules to not only read to our children, but to engage and answer questions as great role models for young children.

Also, we invite all our parents to please take the time to recognize the wonderful, creative classroom doors that our students worked on.  Each class chose a reading theme and decorated their doors and teachers voted on the most creative work.  As always we strive to do well both in and out of the classroom.

I think we all agree that we are ready to bid the winter farewell and receive the spring with open arms. Although we are still in that transitional phase, please dress your children in layers and drop them off no earlier than 7:45 am for middle and 8:30 am for elementary and pick them up at 2:55 for middle and 3:35 for elementary, as the kids will be waiting outside as the weather is warming.

Although we are excited to embrace the warmer weather, all students are required to adhere to the spring/summer dress code at Lowrey School.  Students should wear neat and clean clothing, which is practical and above all, seasonally appropriate. T-shirts and sweats shirts may not display any inappropriate words, pictures or slogans.  Hats include baseball caps, visors, and bandanas may not be worn. Clothing must not have tears or holes.  All tops, blouses or shirts must cover the mid-riff area and shoulders.  Spaghetti straps, off the shoulders and tube tops are not acceptable clothing for students during school.  Beach sandals/ flip-flops are not permitted in school for safety reasons.  All skirts and shorts should be of an appropriate length (knee length or longer).

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