Lowrey School

Early Departure

Any student who leaves prior to May 31st will be dropped on their last day of attendance in school. If the student returns for the upcoming school year, they must re-enroll to the school, and risk having their child repeat that school

Students have mandatory testing through the end of May, and it is imperative that they are present. In the rare occasion that a student is leaving early but will return prior to the end of this school year (2013-14), then the student will need to be marked unexcused until he/she returns.

Automated calls, notifying parents that their child is absent from school, will still be made for each day the student is absent (unless the student is dropped) – no exception. If a student is leaving after May 31st and is planning to return to our district, then the student will not be dropped but will be marked unexcused for the duration of the school year. Again, the automated calls will be made to the parent each day – no exceptions.