Lowrey School

Getting to Know the New Assistant Principal at Lowrey Middle School


We sat down and asked Mr. Mike Esseily about his new job here at Lowrey School and he answered all of our questions. Almost everyone wants to know where he came from.

Mr. Esseily said he is from Dearborn, Michigan. He went to Oakman, Lowrey Middle School, and Fordson High School.  As a kid, Mr. Esseily’s dream job was to become an F.B.I. Agent. He misses having no worries as a child.  We asked our new Assistant Principal if he was bullied when he was a kid, and sadly, he said, “Yes, in high school.”  We also started to ask him if he was a troublemaker, and he immediately said, “No.”

We learned that he graduated from college in 2005 from Wayne State University. He was also a teacher for Dearborn Schools at Stout for five years and at Fordson for one year. He said that becoming a principal at Lowrey School was a dream come true!

We asked Mr.Esseily what he likes to do in his spare time.  Outside of work, he likes to workout, spend time with his family and play with his own children.  Mr.Esseily has two kids- a boy and a girl. The boy is named Ibrahim and he is 3 years old. The girl is named Zeinab and she is 2 years old.  Mr. Esseily likes children because they are innocent.

All kids who like music want to know about his personality and style. Mr. Esseily shared that he likes pop music and Eminem. Apart from everything else, right now, he wants to rid the world from bullies, and make sure everyone is happy.

Student opinions are really positive about Mr.Esseily!  We asked some anonymous people what they thought about our new A.P.  One sixth grader said that, “He is really good with us and knows how to get us on track with a positive attitude.”  A seventh grader told us, “Mr. Esseily is fair and is positive.”  An eighth grader said that, “He is mostly in a good mood and is always focused.”

We welcome Mr. Esseily to Lowrey Middle School, and wish him many years of happiness here as a polar bear!

Fatima A. and Rania D

Lowrey Polar Express Staff Writers