Lowrey School

Mrs. Zahra Zreik is the New Elementary Assistant Principal

We would like to congratulate Mrs. Zahra Zreik on her new position as Lowrey Elementary’s Assistant Principal. Mrs. Zreik would like to say a few things as the new Assistant Principal.

Dear Families,

I am honored and humbled to be writing this letter as your child’s new Assistant Principal at Lowrey School. Lowrey School has been my home since I was four years old. I was a student here and went on to become both a classroom teacher and teacher leader for the past 16 years. As classroom teacher, I have had the pleasure of working with children in both lower and upper elementary. This experience has ultimately prepared me in understanding children and meeting their needs at a holistic level. As a teacher leader, I have played a pivotal role in bringing positive change and success in our school. This change has helped our students gain the confidence to strive for the best and to become lifelong learners.

Being that I am a mother of three, I highly value parental involvement and ensure you that my door and my heart is always open to you. I thank you in advance for trusting me with your child and please know that I will do whatever it takes to ensure their success and help build their confidence.
I am blessed to be working with teachers, parents, and a community that is strongly committed to supporting children academically and socially.

I am genuinely committed and eager to begin this journey of excellence with you and your children in continuing to make a true difference in each and every child.

Thank you all for this opportunity,

Zahra Zreik
Elementary Assistant Principal

Congratulations, again, Mrs. Zreik. Mrs. Mosallam, who has become the ELL Coordinator, will be greatly missed.