Lowrey School

M-STEP Parent Information *IMPORTANT


The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) tests will be administered to

  • 3rd grade (Math and ELA)
  • 4th grade (Math, ELA and Science)
  • 5th grade (Math, ELA, and Social Studies)
  • 6th grade (Math and ELA)
  • 7thgrade (Math, ELA Science)
  •  8th grade (Math, ELA, and Social Studies)

The M-STEP begins April 13th this year.

M-STEP takes the place of the MEAP and it is now given from April- May; make sure that you are NOT planning on going away during this time. Students will not be excused and this test is mandatory.

The M-STEP tests are not timed and are administered to students in several sessions to avoid test fatigue. Test items are multiple-choice and constructed-response (essay) items.

Results on M-STEP tests are based on how students perform compared to set standards, and not compared to other students.  Remember, there are very few school days before the M-STEP begins.

For your planning purposes, NWEA testing begins January 26th. Please make sure children are well rested and understand the importance of this test.