Lowrey School

5K Martian Marathon w/ a Lowrey Staff Member and Student!

6th Grader Fatima Haidar ran the 5KĀ Martian Marathon with our gym teacher Mrs. Bazzi on April 14th! Mrs. Bazzi described how she was amazed by how strongĀ Fatima did despite the horrible weather. Fatima and Mrs. Bazzi finished in under 30 minutes and Fatima even ran ahead of Mrs. Bazzi towards the end and beat her by a few minutes! We are proud of Fatima Haidar and Mrs. Miysam Bazzi on their hard work. Go Polar Bears!


Martian Invasion of Races Flyer! Says Date of Event: April 14, 2018 and Location: Dearborn, MI

Martian Marathon Flyer