Lowrey School

Covid 19 Screening Tool Parent copy – Arabic and English Versions

Lowrey Families, We have included the Covid 19 screening tool in both English and in Arabic. You DO NOT have to send this form back to Lowrey School. This is for your use only please make a copy of the form and routinely check your children for symptoms of Covid 19. If they have any symptoms please keep them at home and call the school main office @ 313-827-1800 to report an Absence, and to submit medical forms from the doctor and what the next steps are. For the safety of students, staff and the general population, the Wayne County Health Department requires that students be screened for symptoms of Covid-19 before they can enter the school building.  The Wayne County Health Department and CDC do not recommend that schools conduct on-site screening due to the time and interruption it takes from the educational process. It is mandatory that you routinely follow the screening steps before bringing your child to school. This includes all school events which includes sports, and after school educational activities.  Please Click the Attachments to read through the student screening tool that must be completed each time the student enters the school building. This is for your use only so please make a copy. This form does not have to be returned to the school.