Lowrey School

Parent Reminders

The office staff has been directed not to interrupt classes
for items brought in for students. It is the responsibility of
the student to pick up their items from the office.

The office cannot transfer telephone
calls to classrooms while school is in session. We will be
happy to take a message and forward it to your child’s

For the safety of your child, you MUST call
the office if your child is going to be absent from
school for any reason. You can call the
attendance line 24 hours at 313-827-1801 or the
main phone number is 313-827-1800.

If you plan to check out your child,
you must come in to sign him/her out from

The district has a new calling system for the
parents of Dearborn school students. The system
will call and inform you about your children’s
absences if they were not excused, it will also
call you about emergencies at the school or
school closings such as snow days, as well as
informing you about important events, vacations
and late arrival dates.