Lowrey School

Lowrey Classroom Activities

Language Arts

-Students will be reading a short story and focusing on the theme “Respect”.  There level of comprehension will be demonstrated through multiple small projects such as:  1) short skits; 2) power point presentations; 3) story boards; and 4) writing letters.

-6th grade students writing an essay reflecting on bullying; this will be a PROBLEM/ SOLUTION essay.

-7th grade students will be focusing on Argumentative/ Persuasive essays while learning multiple reading strategies such as using direct quotes, paraphrasing, and citation.

-My class is focusing on incorporating VOICE into their writing and adding descriptive words to convince and persuade the audience to buy their product—(The World’s Greatest Product)



-7th grade has been focusing on sound waves.  Flip charts have been created to illustrate and describe the vocabulary terms

-8th graders have been introduced to the rock cycle and three types of rock that are found in crust.  Foldables are being created to organize the three types of rocks, and processes they transform through.

-6th graders are learning about potential and kinetic energy.  We designed and created balloon powered cars and raced them down the hallway.  We are now writing an 6+1 Trait essay describing how to make a balloon powered car, how to get it to run, and explaining what could go wrong with the car.


Social Studies

-This month my 6th graders started a new theme in our Early Migration Unit. We will be reading and discussing the Early Hunter-Gatherer Societies Article and work on a vocabulary activity with words such as hunter-gatherer societies, Stone Age, hominids, nomads, stone-tipped spears and more.